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Do It Yourself Landscaping Tips

Our associates in the Garden Center are very knowledgeable about plants and can assist you in making appropriate choices. We can help you better if you have the following information with you when you come in:

Basic measurements of the area you are working on. How large is the bed or lawn area? If you are planting in front of a window and do not want to cover it, how high is the base of the window? Are there overhead wires near the area where you want to plant a tree or hedge? How tall are they and where are they located? Knowing the actual dimensions of the planting site allows us to help you choose the right number of plants and the best mature size of the plants.

How sunny or shady is the area? Plants are generally classified into those needing sunny conditions (6 hours or more of sun), full to part sun (4 – 6 hours of sun), those that tolerate shade (2 – 4 hours of sun), and full shade (2 hours or less). Take note of the amount of sun the specific planting site receives, as it can vary even within a few feet due to trees, shrubs, fences, trellises, etc that can cast shade.

Is the area wet or dry? A plant that does well in “normal” soil may wither and die if it is located in a low wet spot. If an area is still mushy 24 hours after a rain, you will need plants tolerant of wet areas.

Photos – Pictures are an enormous help to our retail sales associates. Take some basic photos standing far enough away (e.g. across the street) to capture the surrounding area and other elements that can impact plant selection. Take photos from different angles. Then take some close up photos. PLEASE PRINT PHOTOS A MINIMUM OF 4” x 6”. They don’t have to be on glossy photo paper; standard white paper will do, but they need to be big enough for us to see. (Printed photos are really needed, since it they are nearly impossible to view on a small camera screen, especially in the sun’s glare!)